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Study in Australia

The decision to leave behind friends and family, study abroad, and then evaluate which country to attend university is traumatic. Why not choose the top institutions, cozy environment, diverse culture, and multiple coasts on a continent known as Australia? Australia is the second happiest country in the world according to The Wall Street Journal. Australia is hosting six of the world’s top-ranked universities and thus has a prestigious educational system. It is the third most popular international student attraction destination. Students have preferential access to quality education as Australia assures educational excellence. It has an insightful structure of research and investigative study framework. From the discovery of penicillin to the most cutting-edge developmental research that prompts the universe to extreme development done by Australian academics. International students are more agile, intellectually responsive, and socially linked with their peers over there. The Australian degree is well-recognized and appreciated all around the world.

Why Study in Australia ?

An Australian degree is equal to a degree from the United States. Besides education, university life is a real treat. The institution provides students with numerous extracurricular activities and platforms to showcase their skills both domestically and internationally. Many academic institutions have free Wi-Fi access along with journals, magazines, and daily newspapers. Another factor to acknowledge is the climate. For an international student, there are not communication issues as Australia’s native language is English. More on Australian Universities’ focus on research and personal development. Health treatment is an additional benefit received by students in Australia. University programs in Australia are planned to use conventional, organic seminars, classes, conferences, group research, and collaborations. Furthermore, the teaching style is very powerful and well-known everywhere across the world.

Apply to Australian University?

A Quick Guide Contrary to many universities, Australia has three intakes. The phases are fall, summer, and winter. The fall intake begins in September, followed by the winter intake in January and the summer intake in May. The study gap is acceptable in Australia. For undergraduate acceptability, 2 years gap can be acceptable and for a postgraduate program, up to 5 years of the gap can be acceptable. University can also need an IELTS minimum of 6.0 (band) for admission in Australia.

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